About cattery "Baraj"

   Two consecutive years, our nursery as the best exhibitor FIFE in Russia
     We have been breeding Siberian and Neva Masquerade cats since 2009 with the advent of the first litter from my boy Balzamin .
         Our nursery is registered in the international system FIFE. Our kennel name we came up almost immediately.
         After all, the whole story of my love for the Siberian breed began with three of my friends and wonderful animals . The first and most significant of Impatiens Odyssey Of Barcelo toady and a lover of children , does not have any bad habit - gold, not a cat . On the exhibitions we Carney urchim Boda and judges on the table. Shows not only winning pedigree data , but also show character.
          My second cat Aramis De Blue-eyed angel with him began my love for fancy colored variations of Siberian cats . This member of our family over us his mannerisms and phlegm character. He is best suited phrase " Hi - King will know " . We Pedigree son King. And of course its unique ability , it is important to sit on the priest . Like a cat from the movie : " Tahiti, Tahiti us and there is not poorly fed " . This cat feel confident and at shows and at home.
         Lady Jessica is the daughter and wife of Aramis balsam . Cat with royal habits , surprisingly quiet and balanced character. Home hunter and dobytchitsa in apartment and dacha in the aviary , for catching flies. Only Jessica comes in the morning and says, " Good morning ( Meow , very expressive like a phrase ) " . And running to lick and purr in his ear to those who have not yet awakened It appeared in our family as the first alimentary kitten . My sister was intended for her show career in the kitten class , and it met our expectations won six exhibitions on different systems . So we have our star and could not leave.