Kittens for sale

Televisions Siberian and Neva Masquerade kittens from parents very beautiful
A welcome addition to the nursery
In the pedigree kittens more than 19 world champions and other highest title for a variety of exhibition systems

We have kittens born in cattery litter "Q" cattery "Baraj*RU"

kitten born 20 june 2023 года 

WCh. De Aramis Sineglaziy Angel color n 21 33 03

Evdokiya Barselit f 22 

male Купидон (Qupidon)  n 2409 seal



male  Кузьмич (Quz'mich) n 2409 seal



Наталья +7(903)588-15-34, Алевтина +7(903)157-16-49


We have kittens born in freand cattery litter"L" питомник "Luxury Abysib""

kitten born 01 /02/ 2023  

Boris Taganay*RU окрас ny 24

Маrfа Sarsibi n 24 

male Lamin Luxury Abysib a24 seal



Наталья +7(903)588-15-34, Алевтина +7(903)157-16-49



Есть котята в дружественном питомнике  "Жемчуг невы"

More information on +7903-588-15-34 Natalya 


There are kittens in the nursery a friendly kennel "Snow Magic"

More information by phone +7 985 258-43-07
more photos on the site
There are kittens in the nursery "Barselit "
Details on +7 910-482-38-23
more photos at the kennel

                                                          Food and care for a kitten

detailed characteristics of this accomodation by phone +7 903-588-15-34 E-mail:

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