De Aramis Sineglaziy Angel

Male Siberian Breed (Neva Masquerade)

Date of birth: 18.11.2008

Titles: Winner rating: Grand Prix Royal Canin 2010 
World Champion (World Champion) on system WCF; 
Best Cat Siberian breed in 2011 exhibition season WCF; 
Interneshional Wnner (Best Cat in 2010) in the system ICU; 
Suprim Grand Champion for system ICU; 
National Winner FIFE NW 2013 
 Winner in color DVM
Suprime Champion (first in the world Neva Masquerade Suprema champion) in the system FIFE; 
12 BOB & WCF 
4 BIS & WCF 
  2 BOB & FIFE 
10 BIV & FIFE 
Genetically bears: lighting, smooth, bicolor. 
Checked by: PKD and HСM Negative, 
as well as FIP, FIL, chlamydia, toxoplasmosis - Negative
Blood type AA

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