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In our nursery are friendly kittens from nurseries. These are wonderful kittens were in other nurseries from Aramis and balsam . They can rightly be considered the best Siberian producers. In our cattery kittens are only on these two outstanding cats and best friends of the family.
Two consecutive years, our nursery as the best exhibitor FIFE in Russia
That's the whole history of our cattery Siberian and Neva Masquerade cats "Baraj".
         My first acquaintance with cats happened when I was only five years old , and indeed the majority of Muscovites that time , spend their holidays in the country . Our parents have taken me and my sister to her grandmother in the village during the summer months - a breath of fresh air , to gain vitamins. Where - is in the middle of summer neighbor noble breed cat gave birth to kittens in our wood behind the house. That's when the real fun began - for all five kittens had to come up with names. This important mission for itself took my sister and I went to the most honorable mission to feed them and play from time to time . Well, in principle , take into account my age , quite frankly. So have fun and running around we spent the rest of the summer holidays. But then came the fall and come after us , our parents , that would lead to Moscow. Over the summer, we are so attached to one kitten named MARQUIS . He was the most gentle and docile , the other kittens were somewhat weird . Because our little hearts Marques were ready to burst with sorrow of parting. And neither any persuasions parents did not help. And then on our side stood Dear grandmother - our trump card . Grandmother, as an experienced man , found the following solution to the problem . Since the machine in the family was only our parents , the kitten grandmother offered to translate in Moscow with us, and when it will come to Moscow next month we will take him to her. His parents agreed , and the next day our Markizik village of Mihaly ( Kaluga region ) which is 200 km from Moscow, hit the road. The road was long distance , drove for about 8 hours as the maximum speed plows 60 miles an hour and then with gorochki . And for all this time, our angel sat quietly and that does not spoil . Probably felt that he was waiting in Moscow great things. Upon arrival in Moscow Pope as the most responsible in the family , he began to work on housebreaking a kitten to the tray. Well, with this work dad handled excellently , but with kittens did not work : the Marquis more like furniture . Of course after arrival in Moscow Grandma , her kitten nobody gave our toady vtersya all trust ( each picked his key ) .
          Everything was in his life and fights and cat, lived a full life . And when the fight, so is he immediately ran to the Pope for help. And if my sister and I were leaving the camp , so for him it was a psychological stress that appeared bald throughout the body. So every weekend parents began to take it with him when we were coming into camp . Markizik we were very clever in the car driving on a makeshift harness .
At the 13th year of life of our neighbors in the cottage appeared young aristocratic kitty Wesley and Marquise this was his last love. She gave birth to two kittens Markiziku boy ( blue spotted ) and a girl ( black spotted ) . Mistress of cats, kittens very quickly all has attached . Very umnen'kiye they got - all in a folder. The following year , when the holiday season Marquis came open, he saw that his love of the Vistula spree with another cat . Marques heart was broken, and then how the Vistula not tried to return her Marques nothing happened. Every evening sitting on the back side of the window , the Marquis saw her and went to another. Every morning we found strangled at the threshold of mice , and nothing could soften his heart . Markizik lived with us for 15 years faithfully served . He even his death or does not want to spoil my mother's birthday on December 18 , he went about his tail and meeting guests. And he was not December 21, 2007 . For our family it was a friendly grief. After that, my mother said that would be no animals in our house was not. . .
As something home without living creatures was very sad, and we made Fish, but they could not fill the void in the house. Therefore, a secret from Mom and my sister decided to buy a kitten . Now I had to decide - what breed of kitten , we would like to take. We stayed at three Maine Coons , Siberians , and Regdoly . And our final choice fell on Siberians because of their extraordinary expression of the muzzle , and as they say in their health papers .
   Impatiens in our big feline family came first . It just so happened that it was we love him telepathically . We reserved our Balzaminchika in the kennel " Of Odyssey" when he was still only two days. In the first live I saw him when he was 6 weeks and then I finally realized that it was him I was looking for my heart bolevshego . After that, we faced a primary task to prepare and to persuade her mother. Coincidentally, in August we were leaving the south with the whole family , there we decided to tell the whole story . Mom was first opposed. But the holiday we stocked pictures cat cat and kitten himself and offered to help choose a name for it. In general, after a two week holiday mother surrendered. In our house Impatiens moved Sept. 21, 2008 . The first thing our new family member became a master suite, for this he became very respected mother , then noticed on Impatiens kittens , for it began to respect him and Dad. And for us to lick his cheerful murchatelnym character.
         On the first show we went to 4.5 months , received high marks from the judges. And on this show I first learned that my Balzaminchik can hiss , although exhibit cell we loved even at home.
In this exhibition, we were lucky enough to sit in front of a representative of the adult Siberian ( Neva Masquerade ) breed. Nevas live we saw in the first , loved them imposing phlegmatic character.
       At the end of the second day of the exhibition, we decided that we simply vital to have another kitten. This started my love for the Siberian breed .
          As always first find yourself a problem, and how we solve it. Thus appeared the following questions?
          What color we want a kitten ? What nursery to take? And what age?
       Thank you very much Ana breeder Impatiens Council helped in choosing a kitten . So please welcome our second family member De Aramis Sineglaziy Angel. First we saw our little blue-eyed wonder in six weeks. A member of our family began Jan. 25, 2009 . Aramis ( Miuchka ) has become a universal favorite for its docile nature , and therefore Rica with his shkodnym character was the ideal playmate . So we have healed great friendly family cat . So spring came and stood global question what to do with our dacha and tailed . Repetition of past races and night showdown with the Marquis we are no longer wanted. And then we have cats and exhibition , and the nobleman still what muzzle tear . It was decided to be an aviary mesh for our pets. With a choice of places we like that once defined: and tenechek and apple near by for picturesqueness . Development of architectural project took us one week. Purchase of materials for the construction of two weekends . So we finally started the construction of the object. We as beginners in the construction, just missed the final stage mesh roof . Well, we decided not to trouble acquiring the next weekend . It was decided to test launchers on the ground. For this aviary was first launched Rica : first, as a senior , and secondly, as the most cunning and crafty . Held in a cage without a roof Rica supervised about an hour . No attempt to escape did not take , so the test result is considered a success. And then we released Muchka in aviary for the company. Thought that if Rick is not selected, and our Miucha phlegmatic and will not even try . But it was not there . As it turned out - " Still waters ... " . Miuchke for that would master the roof took exactly five minutes. This ability monkey named Miuchka climbed on top of the roof beam . And he walked in a circle mocking Rica. His whole appearance indicating both the nature of the top without mesh well . Rick slept with each raised a cry for freedom Aramis guard walks ! Miuchka was caught , removed from the roof. And placed under house arrest until the end of the roof .


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